Acoustic-centred attention to ceilings!

coustico® ceiling:
Aluminium frames for ceiling use, with acoustic material and textile coverings. details...

If you are looking to tackle noise-damping problems in a non-conventional way, coustico® ceiling is the solution to choose. Our space-saving, ceiling-based acoustic system is designed to reduce both echo and reverberation, while demonstrably cutting the amount of outside and ambient noise; qualities that will soon be appreciated by your customers, employees, guests or sound engineers. And there is no need to sacrifice other functions, as coustico® ceiling is fully compatible with the following elements:

  • coustico® ceiling plus with downlighting,
  • coustico® ceiling plus as an optically-integrated system,
  • coustico® ceiling plus as a ceiling-decoration element,...

The coustico® combination is a high-powered designer tool, with acoustic materials in the form of high-quality, made-to-measure aluminium frames and coverings in customised, individual designs. coustico® wall can thus be as striking or discreet as the design of each building requires. An integrated LED illumination system provides an effective, cost-saving way to highlight the ceiling’s design features.