The key to concentration is the wall!

coustico® wall:
Aluminium frames with acoustic material and textile covering.  details...

The ability of coustico® wall to dampen noise and reduce reverberation helps create the desired indoor sound profile. In an attractive, impressively-designed package that allows this new acoustic system to be simply hung on the wall like a picture. The benefits of coustico® wall include crystal-clear sound for home cinemas, an attractively-hushed ambience for restaurants, and a dampening of distracting, concentration-destroying noise in open-plan offices. coustico® wall can also be used in

  • cupboards and cabinets,
  • door linings,
  • room dividers,
  • sliding doors,...

The coustico® combination is a high-powered designer tool, with acoustic materials in the form of high-quality, made-to-measure aluminium frames and coverings in customised, individual designs. coustico® wall can thus be as striking or discreet as the design of each building requires. Our environment-friendly covering fabrics naturally all carry the Ökotex stamp of approval, and are printed using inks that meet the same specifications.